5 thoughts on “It’s In Cyrillic, So You Just Know It’s Insane

  1. I was expecting the guy to be wearing a parachute. Climbing up is insane enough, but climbing back down… yikes!

  2. Hi Julie- Thanks for reading and commenting.

    I’ve been skydiving. Coming back down is way, way worse than going back up whether you’re wearing a parachute or not.

    I imagine the only reason the Russian didn’t climb up there amidst an inferno is that he didn’t think of it. I doubt it would have put him off.

    BTW, I bet that raggedy hole that he pulls a souvenir off of on the way down is a lightning strike.

  3. Ewww – I’ve jumped out of a lot of perfectly good planes and helicopters in my life, but every time I see one of these tower climbs I get the heeby geebies.

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