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  1. Did you ever read about Tesla? Really interesting life. My mom contracted polio in 1929. She met a doctor who hooked her up to Tesla Coils and she was able to lift her paralyzed rt. arm when the electricity was flowing and had complete use of it during the “electrified” time. It reverted to the inability to lift it afterward but the use of her hand was enhanced afterward. The apparatus Dr. Strong used is on exhibit at the Griffith Park Observatory in Los Angeles where I was born and raised. This is family legend. The part I can verify was that my mom had a paralyzed arm and that the Coil is donated by Dr. Stong and that my mom saw him as a Dr. Very interesting indeed. Much is being done in music with the coil. You have posted before of this use, have you not? Thanks for bringing back memories. lorraine

  2. Hi Tom- Thanks for reading and commenting.

    Hi Lorraine- I was interested in Tesla because he was a friend of Mark Twain, who was friends with every interesting person in the world a hundred years ago.

    That’s a wonderful vignette about your mother.

    I have posted other tesla coil stuff. Not sure what I labeled them.

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