6 thoughts on “Let’s Ride Bikes!

  1. I’ve driven and walked and canoed all over this part of the world and he’s not on the really ball shriveling trails. Those are the ones on what is called “slick rock.” You start riding and the rock slants at only a small angle…. then as you get along it the slant becomes slowly steeper…. then you round a corner and the slant becomes 45 degrees and a stream runs across the smooth rock and…. buh–bye…..

  2. I’ve spent some time out there, too. And yeah- the colors really are that intense. A few of those cliff side stunts made me squinch just watching from the safety of the den. Glad I’m too old for that kinda’ stuff.

    uh- no I’m not.
    Glad, that is…


  3. Way back in the dim of antiquity friends of mine were making a movie out there. Jay Silverheels (The Lone Ranger’s Tonto) was one of the stars. The color theme was red, white and blue so they filmed it there. Now, of course, they could just change the color digitally but it was terrific fun watching the shooting. They needed clouds for the white so we had to move around frequently. For the week we were there we had dinner every night with cast & crew – it was, what to say? good times, yep good times.

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