But Mom, It’s Got Physics And Trigonometry

But Mom, It’s Got Physics And Trigonometry

And when I’m old enough to buy booze, we’ll add Chemistry to the mix.

4 thoughts on “But Mom, It’s Got Physics And Trigonometry

  1. I was going to mention that booze is a banned substance for professional pool players, but while confirming that fact, I found out they changed the rule last year.

    Booze is still a banned substance according to WADA (pdf at link, page 10 for specifics) by the sports of aeronautics, archery, automobile, boules, karate, modern pentathlon (during the shooting disciplines), motorcycling, and powerboating.

    Seems kind of strange to ban alcohol during motorsports, I guess it might be more for the safety of the other participants rather than fear of an edge to the competitor getting tanked.

    With archery (and formerly billiards) it is believed that a little bit of alcohol can be very beneficial in mitigating the loss of fine motor control caused by nervousness (got to get just the right number of milliliters of courage, though).

    My personal dose range for billiards would seem to be improvement through 1/2 a pint of bitter (Guinness is best), continuing improvement until a sharp drop off in performance beyond 1 1/2 pints.

    Your mileage may vary.

  2. I could surf, skate, and ride with ease, grace, and style. I could put a dozen BB’s through the logo of a Busch Bavarian beer can from all the way across the yard. Baseball, basketball, football, or pool? Forget it. Sports bore me to tears, and I have less interest than skill at them. I was fair to middling hot at pinball, though.
    (and no jokes about sports requiring balls ;) )


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