If The Terminator Ordered A Motorcycle

If The Terminator Ordered A Motorcycle

The Confederate Motor Company

Lotsa gibberish on their website:

“The Fighter clarifies opaqueness and nullifies hype with straight-forward true to concept certitude. At the source is a classic right triangle. Proportion is classically derived. Scale is middle way. Bearing exudes structural permanence. Human integration deploys yang energy, vitality, and power in the most simple, pure and direct form. Geometry is optimized for the medium and/or long disciplined journey of sensory heightened motion. Torque to weight is maximized. Engine, suspension and ergonomic luxury and ease of use is optimized. Materials utilization is the finest. Individual piece and component specification is highest and best. “

No, no, no. Yer doin’ it wrong. Try this:

This bike is totally rad and bitchin’ and goes fast and scares normal people and makes women shed clothing and bartenders offer free drinks and policemen wave you on by and rockstars envious.

See? Much better.

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