Special Forces Can Beat Up Your Dad

Special Forces Can Beat Up Your Dad

Your big brother, too, by the looks of it.

This video appears to be mislabeled. I think these guys are Kazakhs, not Russians. Doesn’t matter. I imagine every country from Luxembourg to China has guys like these on staff.

Every once in a while, I see a YouTube video of an MMA fighter and a military member fighting. The MMA fighters fare pretty well, as a whole. There’s a problem. They’re “fighting.”

Learning to fight like a boxer or an MMA fighter makes it easy to handle your average bouncer or football player. If you practice fighting all day, every day, you can get pretty good at it. The problem arises when you meet someone who doesn’t practice fighting all day — they practice killing people all day.  They’re not looking to make you cry uncle. If they do their job right, you’re never crying anything, or crying for that matter. The bout’s over before it begins when they’re in the groove. You’re counting one, two, three, GO, and they’re killing you on the count of two.

2 thoughts on “Special Forces Can Beat Up Your Dad

  1. Ahem. Actually, my dad could beat up special forces dudes, as is well documented in the history of his outfit, the 10th Mountain Division. They did that by the truckload, and the other guys usually had to bring truckloads to a fight.

    This display of HTH combatitives does remind you of MMA. I especially dig the shoulder mount, cave-in-his-head moves. Bruce Lee would approve, when he’s not engaged killing Chuck Norris (peace be upon him).

    You nailed that Kazahki identification, dude. Aren’t they more known for their table dancing?

  2. Klahn – that does indeed look a lot like Dancing With the Kazakhs- the move starting around the 3 sec mark requires the attackee help lift and hold the attacker’s leg in place after the jump. I give it five fake stars out of five, but points for flare and the ability to draw large lines of onlookers similarly dressed.

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