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Minnesota: Where Canadians Fear To Tread

Minnesota: Where Canadians Fear To Tread


Braving the environment is much more notable than the drivel we normally gawk at here on the BSBFB. BASE jumping and parkour are both alright, I guess. If you weren’t feeling all too adventurous, you could simply break your kneecaps from the comfort of your own kitchen. It would give you the same effect as regular parkour, most people just choose to do it outside so they don’t make a mess of the linoleum. Once you throw Mother Nature into the mix everything gets much more complicated.

Chipping the ice off your face every morning should be an indicator that you’re snoozing where no man should tread — but that’s the point. People are capable of performing enormous feats simply because they feel like it. Sleeping outdoors in the dead of winter in a hammock, for giggles, is no exception. What this guy is doing makes Arctic exploration look passé.

Refreshingly, the fellow in the video seems like a real stand up guy. There’s no salty language, and he has a smile on his face the whole time. A lot can be said about that. He’s also the only person I’ve ever heard refer to -20 degrees Fahrenheit as “balmy”. Then say, “I don’t think this frostbite is going to slow me down from eating this apple fritter.”

A little frostbite never hurt anyone. Dad says it builds character.

[A big Borderline Sociopathic thank you to Leon for reading, commenting, and supplying us with this video]