Pro Tip: Never Tailgate a Rhino

Pro Tip: Never Tailgate a Rhino

Additional tips include:

  • Don’t tickle a rhino
  • Don’t denigrate a rhino’s mother
  • Don’t borrow money from a rhino and neglect to pay it back
  • Don’t walk on a rhino’s lawn
  • Don’t eat at a rhino’s restaurant and leave without paying
  • Don’t date a rhino’s daughter and keep her out late

And the number one rhino tip: Don’t mention the nose

(Thanks to old friend HJ Briscoe for sending that one along)

One thought on “Pro Tip: Never Tailgate a Rhino

  1. You forget the current number one no-no.
    Never, ever, ask if you can touch a Black Rhino’s hair.

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