Xu Xiaodong Is a Bad Man (The Good Kind)

Xu Xiaodong Is a Bad Man (The Good Kind)

I know tai chi and ju jitsu and kung fu and several other Oriental words. Other than that, I just punch people when they’re not looking and then run away. OK, I admit, I mostly I skip the punching part, and just run away. Hey, I’m still here, so I guess my method isn’t so dumb.

Anyway, MMA enthusiast Xu Xiaodong doesn’t punch people and then run away. He runs after people and punches them. And not just any people. He thinks that co-called tai chi masters are frauds, and says so publicly. Some of these (totalitarian state-approved) tai chi masters took offense, and one even doxxed him. That made Wu mad, and he showed up at the tai chi expert’s own gym, and said let’s get it on, sugar. This video is the result. Wu has got a list of the more-or-less government approved tai chi masters, and is beating the hell out of them one at a time. He’s on number 17 now, I believe. He’s never even come close to losing a bout, on any terms. One guy demanded that Wu wear clown makeup, or he wouldn’t fight him. Wu showed up in face paint, and painted the canvas with the guy.

Xu Xiaodong is blacklisted by the Communist government for saying something vaguely friendly about the protesters in Hong Kong, among other things. He can’t ride on a plane or a high speed train because of their social credit score interdict. So he takes the bus to his next opponent’s place, no matter how far it is, and beats them up all the harder because he’s cranky and tired as well as a very bad man. And a brave one. It takes nerve to stand up to the Chinese government. He lives in Beijing, so he’s right under their thumb. He doesn’t seem to care. He lives by the BSBFB mantra:

“If I don’t like someone, I fight them. It’s really that simple.”

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