Never Mind The Skier. Who Grooms That Trail?

Never Mind The Skier. Who Grooms That Trail?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Ski like crazy, double flip, land safely, camera on head, blah blah blah, yadda yadda. That’s all very well and good; but who’s building these snow ramps? He’s a genius.

Look at the ramps and slopes and whatnot. They’re perfect, like a wedding cake from Brobdingnag. Sculpted like some sort of Arctic Acropolis. If you gave that guy a Zamboni, he’d probably have a giant swan ice sculpture at center ice for the start of the third period. I say we strap a camera to the snow groomer’s plaid hat — you know, the one with the flaps — and watch him work his magic instead of the hipsters on the skis.


One thought on “Never Mind The Skier. Who Grooms That Trail?

  1. Hey, I’m just happy his board bifurcates! It’s the uniboards and the low slung snow pants I am against.

    Back in my day, we killed a seal for his skins and walked up the ski hill. Then, we lit torches and skied into town. I believe we called that Klisternacht, but without the Nazi connotations.

    Chicks really dug it.

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