Well, It’s That Time of Year Again

Well, It’s That Time of Year Again

Ah, sorta-spring in the northern climes. You don’t know whether you’re going to need a snow shovel for a late-season dump or a regular shovel for mud season. There’s seems to be a forty-degree difference between sweating in the sunshine and shivering in the shade. One side of your house has icicles, the other has squirrels chewing at the eaves.

That’s the time a young man’s mind turns to snowmobile/Ferrari racing.

One thought on “Well, It’s That Time of Year Again

  1. The tortoise and the hare. The mouse and the lion. The man versus the bull.

    I knew one thing going into this vid: the Ferrari would survive to race another day. OTOH, the other guy would surely ruin something. The bearings, the spark plugs, the tracks… And, then lets talk about the snowmobile.

    I’ll be in the bar for the rest of the night. G’night all!

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