Let Me Toluol a Story

Let Me Toluol a Story

Once upon a time, Handsome Squidward ¬†built a Sopwith Camel. It was marvelous beyond belief. In less than eight minutes, it transported me back to a time and place of peaceful contentment, toothpicks, Testor’s Pla, and squirrel hair brushes. Then the only German pilot who couldn’t possible shoot down an airplane, or hit anything else for that matter, showed up. The end.

4 thoughts on “Let Me Toluol a Story

  1. Thank you for the daily reminder that there are awesome people out there doing amazing things. Even if they do sometimes show up in the form of an NPC.

  2. I wonder: “did Fokker have a mother?”

    Because if he did, I’d inveigh her over a schnapps and pickle.

    OK. I realize that ‘s full of triple entendre, but whenever I get around here I feel all wordsy and grammerly and such. Never mind me.

    Carry on.

    BTW, the Sopwith Camel is epic. Good on ya. Cheery O and all that rot. What?

    Another BTW: I took the teens to see the World War I colorized movie. They only went because of the famous director and I guess my son played a WW I computer game once.

    Right then. Carry on.

  3. Hi Casey- The only WW1 movie we recommend is The Blue Max. It’s awful, but it has copious amounts of Ursula Andress sideboob.

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