Scritti Politi

Scritti Politi

Two loose cannons. Doing it their way. They go outside the law to enforce the law. Thor help a suspect they get their manicured hands on. There’s no good cop, bad cop routine for these guys. There’s bad cop, and you don’t wanna know how much worse cop. These guys roam the mean streets of Kyrkjebyrkjeland, or Tissvassklumptjønnin, or Sædingsdragdrenken, or some other urban Nordic wasteland where crime not only pays, but pays by direct deposit.

Then the call comes in. You know it’s going to be bad — really bad — because it comes by cellphone, with a custom shoegaze ringtone. Then they say something like, “Let’s roll!,” or, “Hit it!,” or, “Buckle up, it’s going to be one of those nights!” No, it can’t be that last one. They’re already buckled in like a toddler in a minivan backseat.

There’s the suspect. He’s brazen. He’s breaking the law, right in the middle of the street. Notice how Dirty Harald reacts. He doesn’t read the pallet its rights. He doesn’t try to talk the pallet out of the street to safety on the sidewalk. He’s judge, jury, and executioner. In Norway, the pallets get jacked up against the wall, wiki wiki, and don’t you forget it. I hope his partner gets the counseling he needs from witnessing that.

4 thoughts on “Scritti Politi

  1. Like the guy from The Princess Bride said, “Never go up against a Norwegian when pallets are on the line”. Or on the road.

  2. The Miami vice shadow beard completes the scene.

    Norwegians were tough in the late war. Read “We Died Alone.” This one jævla commando cuts off his own toes, swims a frigid Lofoten passage, skis in between the hapless Nazis, dies a couple of times, gets exfilled by the Lapps, then gets back to England and…freaking turns around and does the same thing again! There was an entire battalion of Norwegian commandoes in my dad’s (already noted) division, and the s*it they did to pallets would hurt your brain.

    OK. Got that straight. Glad to see they’re carrying on so well in Scandinavianland.

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