91 KPH Longboarder! That’s Good, I Think

91 KPH Longboarder! That’s Good, I Think

Wow. That dude is going 91 KPH. I have no idea what KPH stands for. It sounds impressive, though. The videographer could have translated into something usable for competent humans who use the Imperial system, but they must have been too busy high-fiving and whatnot.

I’m not sure how many hogsheads per hectare 91 KPH represents. He’s certainly going many rods per fortnight. It’s unclear how many candlepower per grivna this speed represents in joules, but it seems fast to my eye. Hi sthène per Maltese pulzieri must be impressive, but I’m not sure how fast he’s going in Manx.

There’s really only one unit of measure to gauge how fast you’re longboarding. He’s going one call to the local cops per busybody neighbor per video. That’s fast.

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