You’re at About an 11. I Need You to Dial it Back to Around 7. Thanks

You’re at About an 11. I Need You to Dial it Back to Around 7. Thanks

OK, we get it. You like magnets. You really like magnets. You really, really like magnets. I find it unsurprising that you spent your childhood playing with magnets, because, of course, you’ve explained that you really, really, really like magnets. Other children might play with a stick, or a rag, or a broken bottle, but that wasn’t good enough for you. No, you needed magnets to hold your attention.

They stick together. They are hard to pull apart. Then they repel one another. Then they stick together again. It’s all very fascinating, I know. I share your pants-wetting enthusiasm for these amazing, er, things. Look up “magnetic” in the dictionary. I’m sure you have, several times today. Anyway, magnets are indeed magnetic.

I have only one complaint. Could you talk about magnets with slightly less fervor than a tent-show meeting? Just a thought. Maybe if you dialed your enthusiasm back a notch or two, viewers might realize that the little business you’ve discovered in the little stripmall you stumbled upon is going to be bigger than Exxon someday, because that is a really cool, groundbreaking thing they’ve discovered, and damn near no one knows about it because they turned the video off halfway to get some peace and quiet.

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