To the Victor Goes the Spoils

To the Victor Goes the Spoils

The early bird catches the worm. Carpe Diem. Make hay while the sun shines. Strike while the iron is hot. Put your shoulder to the wheel, and your finger on the siren.

Time and tide and car wrecks wait for no man. There’s no time like the present, because you’re not going to make it to the future driving like that. Gather ye accident victims while ye may. Opportunity only knocks into each other once. Never put off until three minutes from now what you can do in two minutes if you drive on the wrong side of the road a bit. Nice guys finish last. Orange guys finish second, which is a tie for last.

One thought on “To the Victor Goes the Spoils

  1. Regarding your post: “To the Victor Goes the Spoils”. If you are an old time New Yorker (New York City that is, the 5 boroughs), this is/was nothing new. Back 25 years ago in NYC, guys with body shops used to employ “Chasers” to get them new business. The guys were called “Chasers” and drove modified yellow pick-up trucks with a minimal boom in the back that was lucky if it could barely lift a vehicle, but the trucks were light and fast. The drivers used to have NYC Police Department radio scanners in their trucks and would listen for the NYPD’s radio 10-Code of “10-53” – vehicle accident or a 53-56 accident with injuries. They would then race to the scene as first one on the scene usually got the authorized tow. Brings back some memories for me. It was not unusual for 2-3 trucks to literally being racing down the streets trying to get to the scene, cutting each other off, etc. Even seen guys use the sidewalk late at night.

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