I’d Like to Meet His Tailor

I’d Like to Meet His Tailor

I suppose it would be profitable to own a motorcycle dealership in Karachi. I don’t think you’ll get a lot of upsells at checkout for helmets and leathers, however. Our hero is impeccably dressed, however, and with apologies to Warren Zevon, his hair is perfect. He’s obviously on his way to some high-powered job somewhere in Pakistan, like water buffalo wrangling or tea smuggling.

You’d think you could make a fortune selling new motorcycles to these fellows every couple of days, but this is probably more like a musical chairs kind of situation. After every wreck, there’s one fewer chair and one fewer participant, or in this case, one fewer motorcycle, and one fewer rider.

No, the smart move is opening up a Thom McCan franchise in Pakistan. Those shoes aren’t going to make it ten more blocks before they need replacing.

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