Speed, I Am Speed

Speed, I Am Speed

Wait, 339 kilometers per hour is fast, right? That’s, like, a lot of kilometers. Too bad I don’t speak gibberish, otherwise that number would actually mean something to me. It’s like 3.9 hectares per cubic second, or something.

I’ve consulted with as many experts as I could find to get an official translation of the speed from kilometers per hour to miles. I called several of the most prestigious universities, but they kept sending me straight to voicemail, so I contacted Central Maine Community College and asked them for their opinion on the matter.

They said that they’ll have me arrested if I ever call again, so I decided to trust what the video says in the title and go with 247 miles per hour. That’s a lot of miles per hour.

2 thoughts on “Speed, I Am Speed

  1. Once I converted to the furlong, everything started making more sense. 1976 furlongs an hour! Wow, that’s scootin’.

  2. or 664 furlongs per millifortnight, to those of us who made it through our freshman engineering classes.

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