Хотя мой Гармоника Осторожно плачет

Хотя мой Гармоника Осторожно плачет

Welcome everybody to Dimitri’s benevolent, government-approved music of the people television showing! Everyone is happy, having fun, fun, fun! Look at all of the women we have brought from the happy-goodtime  work-vacation camps. All of them are strong like bull. They do their part to crush filthy, capitalist dogs and Western fatcat bullies underneath the mighty foot of our democratic people’s republic!

Tonight, we will be showing the musics of our great nation’s native instruments, starting with the harmonica! While dirty capitalist pigs might try to tell you that the harmonica was invented in Austria, but do not listen to their propaganda. Our glorious leader created the harmonica with his bare hands at only the age of 3-months old. Since then, our glorious leader has graced our might democratic people’s republic with all the music we will ever need. Here is one of his most popular compositions that the decadent, Western shills have incorrectly marked as Beethoven.

Long live our glorious democratic people’s republic!

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