I Didn’t Know You Could Get That Loaded

I Didn’t Know You Could Get That Loaded

There must have been a pretty strong wind that day centralized in a three feet area around that one guy and his friend. It looks like it’s only about three in the afternoon, so I don’t know why they’re trying to go home so early, they have about another seven hours of drinking ahead of them. If they stayed in the bar they could have completely avoided the wind and everything would have been dandy. There’s nothing that another liter of vodka can’t fix.

I’ve watched so many YouTube videos over my lifetime I’m beginning to recognize patterns everywhere. We’ve essentially been watching the same five videos over and over again with slightly different music in the background. Example one:

Did I just blow your mind? Because I think I just blew my own mind.

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  2. Uh…not going to check the boycott link…

    On topic, this is internet cream, my friend. A Russian guy soused early in the say? Not too shabby. Animated flesh doll presaging his appearance? Gold!

    Carry on.

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