Like. A. BOSS

Like. A. BOSS

Marvelous. But a bit worrisome, though.

The man’s a BOSS. No question. But around a BOSS, it’s wise to exercise some caution. If this video is any indication, he doesn’t know how to turn the BOSS volume down during regular life. He has no regular life.

If you’re a maternity room nurse, you’re not going to hand this kind of BOSS a baby. He might spike it and do an end zone crazy-legs dance. He’d do it like a BOSS, but still. The guy at the car wash that tells everyone to pull forward better be en garde, I tell you what. Same thing at the Jiffy Lube. God help you if you’re directly in front or behind him at the self -checkout line at the supermarket. Look out for flying food.

And safe sex, for a guy like this? That just means you move the bed away from the wall so you don’t get a concussion.

[Thanks to Charles Schneider for sending that one along]

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