There’s Dashcam Footage, And Then There’s Syrian Dashcam Footage

There’s Dashcam Footage, And Then There’s Syrian Dashcam Footage

I’m a veteran. No, not that kind. I mean I’m an Intertunnel veteran. I’ve seen dashcam footage, my friend. You don’t wanna know. You weren’t there. Man, I’ve seen Russian dashcam footage.I have flashbacks from those. But now I’ve discovered the ultimate the Intertunnel has to offer from a GoPro stuck on your windscreen: Syrian dashcam footage.

Here’s a glorious hour of people I don’t much care for blowing up people I don’t like. They take turns a little in the middle. All of Syria seems to be some sort of concrete block salesman’s idea of paradise, and it crumbles nicely whether you shoot it or bump into it.

The tankers seem a little confused from time to time about what day it is. On even-numbered days they’re supposed to bomb the rubble, and on odd-numbered days they’re supposed to shell the gravel, but they just seem to be mixing and matching, like a hungover man trying to find a pair of socks in the dark on Monday morning.

It’s like Call of Duty with more dust. Rock on, Fouad. Make sure you let civilization know how it all turns out.

(Thanks to Gerard at American Digest for sending that one along)

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