Excuse Me, Do You Speak Bro?

Excuse Me, Do You Speak Bro?

The Bro accent was very strong there, and my Bro is a little rusty, so I’m not exactly sure how Travis Pastrami, or whatever his name was, fits in there, but he’s Eiffel-Towering someone named Ethan, only spelled wrong, and his brother is named Josh, which is a very Bro name indeed, and Josh says he can’t perform star-spangled loopty-loops on a bicycle as well as Ethan with the orthographically-challenged parents. Got it.

Never mind all that. The fascinating part is that somewhere, someone wondered aloud: What if we had a polygamous marriage between pro wrestling, tractor pulls, and a paper route, and sold tickets?

I’d call it genius, but genius would be a step back for such a mind.

[Thanks to Gerard at American Digest for sending that one along. Calling him a genius wouldn’t be a step back for him. More like a sideways move]

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