Look, I Watched The Terminator. This Won’t Do

Look, I Watched The Terminator. This Won’t Do

Don’t get me wrong, we’re going to watch the hell out of this robot video, because hey; robots.

We love robots. We like it even better if the robot’s very human-ish looking, and plodding along. We like the Frankenstein pace for heightening the creepy pursuit factor. Sarah Connor runs, the metal beast walks, Sarah gets tired, or maybe sees a sign in a shop window that says: SHOE SALE, and stops to look in the window, and the metal man catches up.

But what it this foolishness? Tripping on a stick? This thing should already have lasers for eyes, and a flamethrower for a pecker, and plow through anything like that. I was gonna put in an order for a couple dozen of these bad boys, but what sort of evil overlord would I be with an army of robot killers that can’t deal with stepping on a Lego brick?

My bad. Nothing can survive stepping on a Lego brick. 

2 thoughts on “Look, I Watched The Terminator. This Won’t Do

  1. …Nothing can survive stepping on a Lego brick.

    It was a cruel, and selfish trick, I acknowledge, but back when my son was young and into the Lego thingi, I convinced him that it would be really cool to build his Lego projects with Superglue. Stepping on those Legos in the middle of the night is a real torture.

  2. Just so’s they don’t connect it to Skynet, I’m OK.

    The problem is, they ALWAYS connect it to Skynet eventually. What the heck are robot designers thinking? Don’t they EVER watch movies?

    Need a rule. You are a robot designer? You are legally obligated to go watch a sci-fi movie with robots once a month so you know what to avoid.

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