The Borderline Sociopathic President Of Volvo Trucks

The Borderline Sociopathic President Of Volvo Trucks

Dude’s Swedish. Shouldn’t his helmet have horns on it?

I picture this guy sitting in the boardroom, making bbbrrrrrttt, ZOOM! noises with his lips while pushing Tonka trucks around on the big mahogany desk they have in there, while his underlings fidget nervously hoping he doesn’t assign them to the marketing department for a week and find themselves dangling from a skyscraper or being dragged down a dirt road, Indiana Jones style, by one of those hooks he’s always droning on about.

I notice he’s wearing a dark suit in the video. Doing a good job at a giant, faceless corporation is like peeing your pants in a dark suit: It might give you a warm feeling for a short time, but no one really notices.

(Thanks to Gerard at American Digest for sending that one along)

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