On The Plus Side…

On The Plus Side…

Well, they’re robots. Robots! We love robots. They’re making robots.

Then again, what the hell is this nonsense? Disco dancing robots? Where are the lasers burping out randomly, killing passersby? Where are the rotating knives? I demand they scurry all over the place and emit noxious gases. Even if they’re only a foot tall, any sef-respecting robot should be able to at least take off a foot. A one-footed arch-enemy is way, way easier to triumph over.

The one with the giant silver brain seemed to have potential. Nothing on six legs toting a silver brain around isn’t built for evil. Well, except for this thing. It does some sort of spidery Macarena, and that’s it. Where’s the plan for world domination? Intergalactic battle plans?

Bah. Kids these days.

(Thanks to DadofHomeschoolers for sending that one along)

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