Remember, Kids: Chicks Dig A Digger

Remember, Kids: Chicks Dig A Digger

It’s telling that you can find dozens of dupes of this video on the Intertunnels, and not one person that uploads it has any idea what to call a front end loader. Our little operator in the video is only five years old, according to the video — and looks it — and he’s deftly operating it, while the entire population of the Intertunnel is at a loss as to what to even call a machine that does real work in the real world.

Typing gibberish with your thumbs is not an important skill, kids. Get one.

(Thanks to BSBFB devotee Joan of Argghh for sending that one along)

5 thoughts on “Remember, Kids: Chicks Dig A Digger

  1. My wife has a nephew in the excavating business. Grand nephew was taught to run skid loaders and front end loaders from the time he could sit in his Daddy’s lap.

    Good thing they live out in the country where the goody two shoes couldn’t see and try and “protect” him from learning real things.


  2. Thanks to my toddler, I can now confidently name quite a few construction vehicles that I barely would have noticed before.

    I’m pretty sure if he had the chance to drive a loader, he would be the happiest kid on the planet. I’d better not let him see this, though; I’d hate to give him any ideas…

  3. You’re missing the point. China now employs 5 year-olds to do construction work.

    Guess we’re buried, now. Khrushchev never lived to see it, but he did call it.

    Okay, okay. I’m just kidding. The kid’s a savant with a front end loader! That may be the best thing I see today!

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