Sportfishing. Now With Added Defense

Sportfishing. Now With Added Defense

A 600 pound marlin decided he had a few questions.

  • Was there something you wanted? 
  • Are you talking to me? 
  • Can I help you? 
  • You want a piece of me? 
  • Would you like to go home and get your big brother?
  • Do I hear your mother calling you?
  • Got any more bait…

(Thanks to Charles Schneider for sending that one along)

3 thoughts on “Sportfishing. Now With Added Defense

  1. Oh yeah. Been there, done that although it wasn’t a marlin or big fish like that.

    I have a great story about fish jumping into boats. Back when I was still chartering, I had a two person party and we were fishing off Block Island at the SW Ledge. A 24′ center console about 75 yards away from us had a huge hook up and the fish came up and out of the water – big Mako shark. We picked up and sat back to watch the show. The Mako sounded, then the line went slack and that Mako came right up out of the water and into the boat – had to be 8 footer and at least 500 lbs. The three guys in the boat actually climbed the T-top to get out of the way. That fish beat the hell out of the interior of that boat I’ll tell you what.

    We ended up towing the boat back to Point Judith because the shark, in one last act of defiance, took the cowl off the outboard, smashed the engine’s computer and it almost took the engine off the stern.

  2. I was waiting for the camera angle mounted on the fish’s head next.

    First, it looks like the one guy gets skewered by the great fish, then later you notice the other guy gets beaned by the ladder.

  3. 1) i fish with a rod and reel, not a FREAKIN’ LOGGING WINCH

    2) usually, pushing one of those stick thingies forward will keep the boat from backing through swells

    3)i would secure that bording ladder better – LIKE ON SHORE – the fish don’t need it

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