Get A Jet. Take The Wings Off. Fill ‘Er Up. Let’s Light This Candle

Get A Jet. Take The Wings Off. Fill ‘Er Up. Let’s Light This Candle

Craig Breedlove. 

Records are made to be broken, of course. Breedlove broke his own record twice, and a handful of guys have since, including Andy Green of Great Britain, who went over 250 mph faster than you see in this video, and broke the speed of sound.

But every single person that stretches the bounds of human ability and endeavor deserves to be mentioned with all that come after. We stand on the shoulders of giants. It’s why we see so far. 

4 thoughts on “Get A Jet. Take The Wings Off. Fill ‘Er Up. Let’s Light This Candle

  1. And then a year later in 1964:

    BREEDLOVE : Well, the first chute, I pulled it, it just went to shreds. I felt it go to a ribbon. Then I hit the… I waited for a while and I tried to hit the brakes and the brakes just wouldn’t go… I was pumping the brakes and then nothing, no brakes at all. The I hit my other chute and nothing happened. I didnt’ have any… I just took that…

    VOICE : No steering…

    BREEDLOVE : …steering and I turned it clear around like this. It finally started…

    VOICE : (interrupts) Did you see that…

    BREEDLOVE : … coming around

    VOICE : … telephone poll that you sheared?

    BREEDLOVE : Yeah, I know I hit the pole.

    VOICE : With your right fin, or what?

    BREEDLOVE : I just saw that pole coming and I went just like that…

    VOICE : (whistles)!

    BREEDLOVE : … and then I hit the pole. I thought I had it when I hit the pole. I saw that telephone pole coming and I went, “Ooooooh” and I gritted my teeth.

    BREEDLOVE : How fast did I go?

    VOICE : Let’s all get in this four-wheel drive…

    BREEDLOVE : (shouts) HOW FAST DID I GO??

    VOICE : (off mic) Nobody heard, Craig.

    BREEDLOVE : Hey… hey Bill… For my next trick I’ll set my self a-fire! (laughs)

  2. I remember the duel between Breedlove, and Art Arfons who built an ugly ass home made jet car called the Green Monster. The record went back and forth between them a couple of times.


  3. Our latest in the quest for more speed, non-wheeled power – is the North American Eagle project. F-104 Starfighter with a special Enhanced LM-1500 Turbojet (GE J-79 variant) so the concept is the same – remove the wings, strap on some wheels and go for it.

    In theory, Eagle should be able to break the 800 mph barrier and still stay on the ground. Some aeronautical engineers are concerned about WIG effect at speeds higher than 775 or thereabouts. (WIG = Wing In Ground). Air compression don’t ‘cha know.

    Gotta love these guys don’t you?

  4. I believe you can see Mr. Breedlove sporting Keds shoes when he hops out after the first run. Probably didn’t want to get salt on his jet car driving boots.

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