The Last Page Of The Internet

The Last Page Of The Internet

This is it, I think. It must be. It’s got the whole Internet, distilled down into one, pointless, mindless forty-five seconds.

I take it back. He forgot to play Rick Astley. But it was a fine effort at finishing the entire Intertunnel. Good jerb.

By the way, what’s the difference between bagpipes and an onion? No one cries when you chop up a bagpipe. What’s the difference between a bagpipe and a trampoline? You take your shoes off to jump up and down on a trampoline. Did you hear the one about… 

9 thoughts on “The Last Page Of The Internet

  1. [Faither has just cut off Luke’s right hand, which has his Claymore]

    Darth Faither: Ye can nae escaip! Do’nna make meh destroy ye! Luke, ye nae ken yuir empirtance. Ye ‘ave aight began tae discover yuir powur! Join wi’ meh, an’ Ae’ll finische furth ye’r trainin’! Wi’ oer strenth an’ mycht taigether, wae can aind this daitructive confleik, an’ bring ordour tae tha’ clans!

    Luke Skeywelkair: [angrily] Ae’ll neuir nae join wi’ ye!

    Darth Faither: If aught ye kennt tha powur of the Dairk Saede. O’Biwan ne’er taillt ye wha’ hap’ yuir faither.

    Luke Skeywelkair: Hae tellt meh enouth! Hae tellt meh ye killt ‘im!

    Darth Faither: Nae… Ae’m yuir faither.

    Luke Skeywelkair: [shocked] Nae! Na wey! Eis nae trew! Eis canna be!

    Darth Faither: An’ ken ye thy hairt, thee kennt it trew!

    Luke Skeywelkair: NAE! NAE!!!!!

    Darth Faither: Luke, ye can destroy Longshanks. He’s fair seyn et. Et’s thy destanie! Join wi’ meh, and tegaither, weh’ll rale tha’ Scots as a faither and bairn! Com’ aather! Weesh! Et’s tha onely weh!

    [Luke lets go of the flagpole and falls into the castle keep]

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