4 thoughts on “Sonny Bono Unavailable For Comment

  1. Don’t mean to boast (yes I do), but that’s where I ski. We got about 5 feet of snow in the last few days.

    And it’s spelled Kootenay.

    Or Kootenai, south of the line in the second best place in the Universe (Montana). Big Mountain! Whitefish!

  2. Hi Fred- Thanks for reading and commenting.

    I was a strictly eastern skiier. People like us hardly recognize that as skiing. For us, it’s maybe an inch or two of white rubble on top of a sheet of ice.

  3. Technically I should be sick of snow for all the shovelling I did for five days straight. But I’m not.

    Fred Z:
    B.C. rocks. (Never been to Fernie though.)

    Casey K: I agree wholeheartedly. That’s why I’ve only gone skiing once in my life, and I never went anywhere beyond the bunny hill.

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