3 thoughts on “I Wouldn’t Surf That With A Battleship For A Board

  1. The thing of it is, they pull down these videos due to copyright issues without understanding that if nobody can see it, then nobody can appreciate it and if nobody can appreciate it, then NOBODY CARES!!

    Damn – how hard it this? Yeah, we all want to get paid for our creative work – hell, I want to get paid for my creative work and I don’t like my photographs ripped off and aggregated by some Russian photo site that sells stock images (true story by the way only it was a British gal who did it and it propagated from there – six photos ripped off a site using photo capture software), but then again, if I don’t put my stuff out there, who the hell is gonna want to buy it – if they want to buy it?

    Its stupid – stupid, stupid, stupid. Take the risk, get noticed and you’ll be well ahead of the game.

  2. Hi Tom- Thanks for reading and commenting.

    I’ve embedded another version of the same video. I always try to link to the original, as best as you can tell, and include a link to the authors if they’re pros, like this guy is.

  3. As a former surfer I can appreciate the kind of courage it takes to do that. These guys are not cut from the same cloth as you and I. They make skydivers look like pussys. They belong to a different specie entirely.
    At the risk of using the currently most overused adjective in the English language- that was awesome.


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