7 thoughts on “I Left My Mark… In Sam Clam’s Disco

  1. The only bumpersticker I have ever put on my car in 40 years of owning cars was “Skateboarding is not a Crime”. My oldest was a skateboarder – we lost him years ago but I love to watch boys tearing up the streets of San Francisco as I once watched him. Thanks for posting boarder clips. lorraine

  2. At what point do you start wishing for a spectacular bone jarring crash instead of watching the long boarding? Like NASCAR and Telledaga – “The Big One”? :>)

    I’m probably in the minority here, but I’m not a huge fan of long boarding. If only because back in CT, I had a close encounter with one of these long boarders on a blind curve, 10 degree hill about a mile long. Fortunately nobody got hurt (well, my truck got a nice dent in the side from trying to avoid running the kid over – knocked over a mail box). I’m not impressed. And I suspect neither would you be if one of these kids ended up head first through a wind shield.

    I’m not for banning them – I’m a pick your poison guy – and I’m speaking from a position of knowing risks – like jumping out of perfectly good airplanes and helicopters at altitude. :>) But there has to be some kind of common sense about this – don’t play in traffic might be one rule.

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