The Great Luge Of China

The Great Luge Of China

Bah. A truly dedicated videographer would have sawed his feet off to improve the shot.

3 thoughts on “The Great Luge Of China

  1. They’ll never win the Olympic Luge with those shoes. Unless I’m missing something, and those are a secret weapon.

    I knew a guy who had been on the US Luge team, and he was the most, hands down, best athlete I ever knew. He had the record time for soling Mt Rainier.

  2. Soiling Mount Rainier? Well, I never did that, but I did use a restroom in El Monte once in a while.

    Oh, dear. I meant Mount Whittier.

    Oh. Soled. My bad.

    Mount Rainier has shoes?

    Wait a minute. Not Mount Whittier. That’s in New Hampshire. I meant Mount Whitney. And the Men’s Room was in South El Monte, not El Monte.

    I’m confused.

  3. “soloed.” My bad.

    I could go on about soiling Mt Rainier, but those are other stories.

    Why is it that comment sections get the most spelling errors? Or is that just me?

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