Great Moments In Bad Automobiles: The American Motors Javelin

Great Moments In Bad Automobiles: The American Motors Javelin

The poor man’s Corvette!

7 thoughts on “Great Moments In Bad Automobiles: The American Motors Javelin

  1. Ah, my very first car! Looked about like this.

    My dad bought if from the neighbors. It had the racing stripes, manual tranny, and the hardest damn clutch pedal spring evah. My knee still hurts from that Senior Trip drive up A1A from Miami to Jax with nothing but traffic and stoplights for hundreds of miles.

    Still, I did my own tune ups, changed the oil, changed out the starter, and did a brake job on it. It was bullet-proof.

  2. Never owned a Javelin, but a friend had a Gremlin with a factory V-8 auto.

    It stopped running one night after my friend had had a few beers and it wouldn’t restart. So my friend kept reaching up under th dash in the dark and pulling and crossing wires until by some miracle it started and he drove it home. It tooks two days to repair the damage.

    But Hell, in a newer car we never would have.

    Great video; how in teh name of Henry Ford do you find this stuff? sub-contract the searching to the young’uns?

  3. I think I saw a Javelin with a plaid top once, though it may have been a Matador- the Javelin’s totally uncool uncle.

  4. Sippican, I will tell you that thing RAN!

    Amazing what a couple of hundred horespower and 100 pounds of body weight will do when combined.

    And Teresa, was that vinyl top plaid or houndstooth?

    I do remember a Gremlin I saw one time that had a black and white houndstooth vinyl top.

    Prior to that I neve thought you could ‘ugly up’ a Gremlin…

  5. Plaid. Yellow and light brown plaid. Ugliest car I ever saw. In Rock Springs,Wyoming, the ugliest town ever.

    I feel much better now.

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