Mario Kart

Mario Kart

There are sports figures that encapsulate eras. They bring their sport to prominence even among casual observers. Not many people can get non-fans to pay attention. Fewer still get them interested enough to continue to pay attention to a sport after they’re gone.

Mario Andretti was like that. He raced all sorts of things for decades, but when he won the Indianapolis 500 in 1969, it was a kind of apogee of open-wheel racing. He made people who weren’t interested in it, interested in it.

Those cars were just go-karts with massive engines on them. A blast to drive, and dangerous. True danger confronted in a pack is compelling.

Then the wings showed up. Open wheel racing is more popular than ever now, of course. Trace it back to Mario amidst the cornfields. But it’s just an exercise in aerodynamic fiberglass design now.

Our Internet friend Joan of Argghh sent along this link to a manufacturer offering to put the world right again, and put the wings back on the back of 1992 Civics with tinted windows where they belong. Behold, the BSBFB offers: The F1- 67 for sale by Stuart Taylor Limited.

Buy two; they’re small.

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  1. From the specs: the LS1 engine in stock form produces over 300 horsepower which in a 650 kg car gives us 460 bhp/tonne a very healthy figure that will keep most drivers positively alert at all times

    A sweet bit of understatement! Loved your Honda quip best of all.


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