3 thoughts on “When I Grow Up, I Wanna Loiter

  1. The picture reminds me of old ones of my Dad and his friends when they were young. In little old Kansas country towns.
    And look how he sits–only country boys sit in that easy gangle of legs and arms all twined around each other. No city boy ever mastered that looseness–it’s born only in country bones.
    Makes me miss my Dad and all the country boys I grew up with.

  2. Don’t know if I’m grown up, but I am much older now than the young man. Loitering with “the boys” over a few beers a couple of times s week is most enjoyable.

    I guess we loitered a lot as kids too, but not in the same place very long. Things are much too structured now, but hey, the good old days were always better, right?


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