11 thoughts on “I’ll Learn To Swim

  1. I don’t understand why they have their clothes on.

    Was Mom taking the picture?

    (Not that _that_ would have mattered to us–the risk of ripping something would have worried my Mother, I think.

    Little boys heal–pants are expensive. Besides, what are they going to wear home?

  2. Well yes, all right, except that what they really look like most are wrestling singlets and most definitely have more to them than just “trunks” but I don’t know what they called them back then, in the age before trunks and actually before “swimsuits” too.

    And now I’ve officially devoted too much brainpower to this.

  3. At that time boys swam with a one piece suit that covered the entire body. Some were two piece with a tight shirt and trunks while others were buttoned in the middle or attached with a belt. Sometimes the top was vented on the side and back so as not to restrict movement.
    Not bad for cold water or cold mornings at the pool. It really wasn’t much different that what girls and women wore swimming.

  4. Back then they would have been called 1 piece or tank suits. Sometimes the top was a separate but had straps that enclosed the shoulders.
    Sometimes the tops were vented so not to restrict the arms.
    Often they were solid colors.
    The girls often wore a wool version of the same kind of suit but they would have also probably worm a swimming cap with their costume.

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