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  1. Is that a bicycle? WITHOUT TRAINING WHEELS!?!!

    Good going! Three daughters learned to ride without training wheels.

    Lot of things besides bicycles.

  2. My father’s is nearing 60 and still likes to shoot at army men (in the house) with airsoft guns.

    Melted, firecrackered, and generally mistreated many a plastic replica of German and American service men in the backyard, he instigated that more than I did (he also managed to scrounge around and find WW2 themed army men sets, even in the 70s, those sets generally didn’t include Japanese soldiers, maybe cause that’s where they were made (back when Japan was what China is now))

    Also, Tom Sawyer’s public domain, shouldn’t you link the whole text as well as an Amazon link (commercially available books are more portable and easier to read, so can understand the preference)?

    LibriVox has a public domain audio book version available in mp3 or ogg for downloading. Haven’t listened to it, so can’t vouch for the quality of the reading or voice acting.

    From Twain’s preface to Tom Sawyer, “Although my book is intended mainly for the entertainment of boys and girls, I hope it will not be shunned by men and women on that account, for part of my plan has been to try to pleasantly remind adults of what they once were themselves, and of how they felt and thought and talked, and what queer enterprises they sometimes engaged in.”

    Funny how the slippage in certain words’ meaning can add odd connotations to certain passages.

    Hope you keep up this site, looks like it could be interesting.

    And just like reading Tom Sawyer, even if Borderline Sociopathy is mainly kids stuff, that shouldn’t stop men (and women) from engaging in behavior that would frighten the Aunt Polly’s of the world (not that the Aunt Polly’s don’t mean well) even into their senior years.

  3. xwl,

    I’m your father’s age. Did the same thing with my sons. They turned out pretty well. Fun men to be around. (Please don’t tell anyone.)


  4. What fun.
    xwl- very thoughtful comment. I put Tom Sawyer there first for a reason. But I had long since forgotten that foreword by Twain. It’s marvelous, and very much to the point.

    I go to Gutenburg often, but I do like the hardcover book in my hand. I never cared for audio books, either. Not sure why.

    More tomorrow!

  5. If you retitled this blog “Queer Enterprises” you’d most likely attract an entirely different readership.

  6. Is this the he-man woman-hater’s club or can girls come in, too? I always figured I’d be the mother of boys because I’d be less likely to screw them up. Whatever they did, I’d shrug and sigh, “I guess that’s just what boys do.” I really fell in love with a manly man [married him, too] and he introduced me to his cadre of infantry officer pals. I learned a whole lot hanging around the guys.

    One of my favorite blogs is written by a mother of 5 small boys, called Testosterhome.

  7. Is this the he-man woman-hater’s club or can girls come in, too?

    You’re only allowed in here if you’re a guy, or if you know any, or if you’re related to any. Or married one.Or if you’ve read about them or seen them on TV.

    Otherwise, beat it.

  8. Ruth Anne has a point… if this is going to be a clubhouse, we must have a sign announcing who is excluded. I propose:

    “Only COOL girls allowed.”

    Obviously, Ruth Anne, Annie, Ann A. and all our other favorite women would fit in easily under that definition.

    Hmmm… never typed all their names out in a row like that. Y’all should create the Ann* blog!

  9. LOL! A friend of mine (male) once nominated me for a Testosterone Tolerance Award. I grew up with a brother (no sisters), married a man, had four sons before we finally produced a daughter. Ruth Anne, I will definitely have to check out that blog! My husband was the only son, and it was a revelation to both of us how brothers behave together…

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