Ideas Are Overrated

Ideas Are Overrated

So they have this thing in Sweden called Svarthalet Racing. It’s often confused with a form of American racing called Port-O-Let racing, which involves seeing which construction worker can make it to the portable toilet after they eat lunch from a roach coach. Svarthalet racing is basically rocket propelled drag racing with sleds. So, it’s basically awesome

It’s a classic tinkerers medium. Some of the entrants look like dogsleds that have run over their dogs and left them for dead. Others look like traditional snowmobiles that rammed a leftover sewer main pipe, and kept going. They use all sorts of jet propulsion, but my favorite has to be the pulse jets. Pulsejets have either a few, or no, moving parts. You squirt in fuel, figure out how to ignite it, and once it’s going, you just keep squirting in the fuel. It’s like a 1974 Ford LTD in that regard, only more reliable.

So here’s to you, Svarthalet dudes. You’re our kinda guys. I have no idea why you’re making rocket sleds. I suspect you have no idea why you’re making rocket sleds. Ideas are overrated anyway.


2 thoughts on “Ideas Are Overrated

  1. Pulse jets were what propelled the V 1 flying bomb.

    Which gives Svarthalet sort of an outlaw vibe. Outlaw is cool.

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