Behold the Ultimate Man Cave

Behold the Ultimate Man Cave

So there’s this guy. He’s under a block of buildings he owns. He wears only shorts, and a hard hat. He doesn’t say why he’s digging. He doesn’t say where he’s digging. He’s just digging. He date stamps his videos, and appends little notes from time to time, like, “Concrete for days.” Occasionally he stops digging, and does a little jig to techno music. He never says anything.

He’s the least insane person I’ve encountered on YouTube. His girlfriend isn’t shooting him in the chest through a book. He’s not making a homemade flamethrower. He’s not base jumping off an office tower in Dubai. He’s just digging. Digging is a perfectly sensible occupation for a male human being. Every man cave should be dug by hand, barefoot, silently. Then you’d know you earned your man cave.

3 thoughts on “Behold the Ultimate Man Cave

  1. That’s good exercise, and he is accomplishing something (I think).
    Some people pay good money to ride bikes with no wheels, staring at walls in a room full of other people walking up stairs to nowhere or walking on a belt that doesn’t drive anything…

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