This Is How I Go When I Go Like This

This Is How I Go When I Go Like This

Dude rocks. Sheetrocks, that is. If you’re unfamiliar with actual men, this is how they behave. They learn by watching and then doing, and then they show others. They take pride in even mundane chores. They are physically fit from useful activity, not going to the gym. They are no-nonsense.

They gravitate naturally to useful endeavors. This is because they like money, but that’s not the whole story. They would turn down work that doesn’t suit them, no matter how much better it paid. Working in a solitary fashion is often required, so they learn how to perform a series of useful operations so that they aren’t entirely dependent on others to complete their jobs.

You can learn a lot by simply watching them. In fact, there’s really no other way to learn anything useful. Here’s to you, drywall guy.

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